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Born in 1989, Belgium.

Works and lives in Namur - Bruxelles, Belgium.

He studied in the drawing studio at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (2010-2016) and obtained an advanced Master's degree in partnership with the ULG. He has participated in several artistic residencies including that of the Fondation privée du Carrefour des arts (2019-2020) and was selected for the Prix de la ville de Tournai (2021), the Prix Découverte du Rouge-Cloître (2022). Laurent Dumortier also had his first solo exhibition at Michèle Schoonjans Gallery (2022). He continues his work with the project Windows Shadows Disavow (2018-/) and his research on the figurative representation of everyday life and the narrativity of nightlife with the position of the voyeur, windows and intimate living spaces at its center. In his work, there is a recurring questioning regarding the frame, the narration, the figures, oblivion, the anecdotal, the dream and a disturbing part of the human being in his nightlife. as well as a part of mysterious bestiality. He is very attached to the works of Gail Albert Halaban, Wilhelm Hammershoi, Edward Hopper and especially Francis Bacon because he rediscovers this "letting go" of form and material; this gesture which gives birth to figures in a permanent mutation and this narrativity of the image between tension and sobriety.


2019 - 2020

2010 - 2016

Master of teaching (A.E.S.S), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

Master of visual arts, plastic and space, Drawing. Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions

2022 /11

Michèle Schoonjans Gallery, Whisper of the Windows, Rivoli, Brussels, Belgium.

Art Fair

2023 /03

Art on Paper, Art on Paper 2023, represented by Michèle Schoonjans Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

Group exhibitions

2022 /11

2021 /03-04

2020 /09-10

2020 /02

2019 /04

2019 /03

2019 /03

Fondation Privée du Carrefour des arts, 11 Years Residencies, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels, Belgium.

Act-Exhibition, Art Confiné Temporaire, in situ rue des Eperonniers, Brussels, Belgium.

Fondation Privée du Carrefour des arts, 294 jours entre 4 murs, Brussels, Belgium.

La Chambre de l’art, No Guts, No Glory, Brussels, Belgium.

Louder Art, Heart, Bucharest, Romania.

Galerie Lin, Sans fil, Brussels, Belgium.

La ville de Beloeil, Parcours d'artistes de Beloeil, Beloeil, Belgium.


2022 /11

2022 /03

2021 /10-11

2019 /02

Le Rouge-Cloître, Prix Découverte 2022, Brussels, Belgium. (Lauréat).                      

Les Amis d’ma mère, Prix Elisabeth Burdot, Brussels, Belgium. (Lauréat).                      

La Ville de Tournai, Prix Artistique de la ville de Tournai, Tournai, Belgium. (Lauréat).

La Ville de BruxellesCarte de Visite / ArtopenKunst 2019, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels Belgium. (Lauréat).     




Centre Culturel de Namur – Les Abattoirs de Bomel, solo, Namur, Belgium.

Fondation Privée du Carrefour des arts, résidency with Diego Wéry, Elise Peroi et Clara Marciano, Brussels, Belgium.



Michel Voiturier, Le murmure des fenêtres ou l’obscure clarté d’un voyeur dévoilé, Point Contemporain n°27 - Revue d’arts contemporains :


Michel Voiturier (écrivain et critique d’art), Prix Artistique de Tournai : génération 90, dans Flux News Magazine :

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