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Dibutadès (2020)

What do we remember from our friends or acquaintances when it comes to their face? Their smiles, their looks, their noses? A detail perhaps? Or the outline? Expressive or not? Front, sideways, profile? With a background, a decor, a color, just the surface of the paper? And if the portrait was more interested in the shadow of the model who poses. It undulates, vibrates, becomes mimesis of the living and specter of death; a double, sometimes insignificant, but always present. The thing hidden behind our back is in front of us, it is the portrait - it is what bears our features. My friends, can you be the myth of Dibutadès, before leaving.


Charcoal and colored pencils on paper Kozo 42 g/m²

53,2 x 42,7 cm


Photo © Eva Joncquel © Laurent Dumortier

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